Our treatments are tailored to each patient, taking in your health history, complaint and other details.

Treatment Methods

The gentle adjustments we apply in combination with soft tissue work along with exercises means that most of our patients feel some benefits after a short course of three to five treatments.

Fascial Release

Fascial release treatment focuses on the connective tissue or netting that surrounds the muscles and other parts of the body. Muscle fasciae reduce friction around the muscle. Problems arise when tension develops in this sensitive tissue.

Fascial release treatment loosens the muscles and the fascia tissue around the muscles to provide freedom of movement. Increased mobility reduces friction and tension, and leads to improved posture and flexibility.


Rehabilitation forms a large part of a chiropractor’s education and work. In many cases, exercise or rehabilitation is a central part of the treatment plan.  Some joints are unstable after injury. The quickest and most effective way to increase stability is through exercise, which frequently can be accomplished at home. Certain exercises increase the rate of healing and return our patients to peak performance as quickly as possible. If you would like to be given exercises for a particular problem, please don’t hesitate to ask.